You're living within your means...

You might have a budget. You've definitely got hopes and dreams and plans for your money. And yet...

  • Money stress still keeps you up at night
  • Constant, low-grade worry about the future haunts you
  • You're struggling to earn your worth
  • You and your partner are STILL fighting about money  
  • You're forever looking over your shoulder  - or way ahead - and feeling crappy about it either way
  • You're feeling guilty about spending money, having money, wanting more money. (It's a weird paradox - feeling bad about having more than some people, and then just as bad about not having enough/as much as others...)

You deserve financial peace of mind and more.

That feeling of financial lightness. Knowing you’re in tune with your money. Living the best life you can (even if you’re not quite where you want to be yet) and feeling pumped for the future.

You're ready for MORE...

More money.
More fun.
More pleasure.
More balance.
More momentum.
More security.
More confidence. 

And you're ready to make your goals a reality.

(Even if you haven't dared to speak them out loud yet. Even if you have no clue how to make them happen yet.)


  • Feeling good about how you spend - enjoying life NOW while still working towards more and feeling excited about what's yet to come
  •  Feeling more secure about the future - trusting that success is inevitable and rather than worrying about it being a fluke/too good to be true/about to go away, knowing you're totally safe and capable at every milestone
  • Feeling like your goals (whether that's smashing debt, building your nest egg, saving for THAT big thing) are unfolding and flowing (rather than a thankless slog)
  • Feeling more content at work, confident you’re earning what you’re worth, and believing in ALL the damn value you bring

Sound like a tall order?

If you have a love/hate relationship with money - you’re not alone. 

Money touches all aspects of our lives. Yet so many of us are in a complicated relationship with money. 

Let’s change that. 

Money Groove is designed to help you shift it all.

 You can absolutely be, do, and have more, but the path there isn’t as obvious as you may think.

Here’s the thing that most advice misses...

Got a budget? Living within your means? Awesome. 

And yet… 

Money is NOT just about the numbers.

You can have the best strategy and intentions… but it doesn’t matter how many intricate spreadsheets you have on the go. 

You don't need more formulas or calculators.

You need ways to deal with the messy mental stuff that’s holding you back.

Ditch your financial baggage and build a brighter future with money

This is your roadmap to finding your financial groove: healing your past, getting more out of your money and life right now, and shifting your future trajectory to hit your goals faster.

Your internal reality goes first. Then the external reality follows. Practical magic.

We blend the tangible and spiritual of money and psychology, on the mental, emotional, and even physical levels. 

It’s less a course, more a blueprint for doing money differently from the inside out, so you can get MORE of what you want. 


Money Groove isn’t about cutting back on coffees or clipping coupons. It’s about the next level stuff. The questions that keep you up at night. Will we ever see eye to eye on money? Will I ever make more (without sacrificing my soul)? Will I ever have enough to stop worrying?

We’re in this to transform how you think and feel about money so you can get off the struggle train NOW. 

So you can learn to trust yourself with money. Clear old wounds and blocks holding you back, dragging you down. 

So you can stop waiting for the shoe to drop ... hating, fearing, fighting money ... and find a sense of lightness and peace. So you can start doing things differently that STICK. 

So you can make the real, deep shifts that result in you getting more out of your money right now and start making bigger moves for the future: Uplevelling your income, savings, and investing. 

Learn to build and fill your mental and emotional toolbox so you can better weather the ups and downs, baggage and drama that comes along with existing in our capitalist world. 

Instead of beating yourself up about money,  ruminating, dwelling, going around in circles, telling the same old story...

Start giving yourself permission... to do money in a way that actually feels good, sustains you, propels you forward to hit your goals and more (not necessarily the way the typical gurus might tell you). 

You're ready to STOP...

struggling with, fearing, hating money

and START... 

loving, making, holding onto more of it - and finally making peace with it.

Learn to love your money, make it work for you , and fast-track your goals

What if you could ditch the scarcity and overwhelm and...

  • buy the fancy cheese/book that trip/hire a cleaner/treat your family and friends/pay for car repairs and vet bills… without twisting yourself into knots over it and feeling sick to your stomach?
  • use your money to enrich your life in line with what you actually care about and get your priorities straight?
  • get clear on your goals, speed up your progress, trust the process and enjoy the journey along the way?

It's your time for a breakthrough + to start making bigger money moves.


So if you want MORE: 

  • More happiness in your budget 
  • More trust in yourself and the abundance of the future 
  • More money opportunities coming your way 
  • A more balanced, healthy relationship with money

It’s time to take the next step to getting more out of your money, with:

✔️ Tips, prompts, and exercises for getting unstuck and dealing with the gnarly stuff like fears, regrets and guilt 

✔️ Strategies to stop obsessing aimlessly about money and start taking steps that move you forward 

Let's roll.

What's inside?

Let's clear out those old cobwebs, pump up your present, and fast-track your future.

We'll cover:

  • Getting to the roots of your money patterns + getting past the past (so you can finally start moving forward)
  • What to try when you're feeling overwhelmed by shame/regret/indecision/deprivation/guilt/anxiety/fear + other sticky emotions 
  • Rewriting your story (goodbye victimhood, hello empowerment!)  and nailing down your big WHY (money always needs a purpose!)
  • Maximising the here and now (what is, is all there is - so let's enjoy it, shall we?)
  • Tracking the goodness (abundance compounds, much like interest), fueling your future + celebrating every damn step of the way 

3 main modules. 15 core lessons. 10 handy 'try this...' techniques that you can call on whenever you need, once they're in your mental toolbox. Fluff-free, short, punchy, potent shots of wisdom that won't leave your mind wandering off halfway through. Plus, each module comes with journal prompts to get the juices flowing so you can release those struggles and connect with the good stuff.

And a whole new approach to money so you can have MORE of what you want. Probably the most important part!

Scroll down for a full breakdown of all the modules.


Here's how it goes down:

    1. Welcome, welcome!

    2. Let's take a quick pulse check

    3. I'm curious...

    4. Bonus bonus

    1. Getting back to your roots

    2. Journal prompt

    3. Getting past the past

    4. Try this when.... you're feeling overwhelmed

    5. Rewriting your story

    6. Your new narrative

    7. Write a letter to money

    8. Moving forward

    1. Facing the numbers

    2. Getting the most from your money

    3. Journal prompt

    4. Finding more happiness at work

    5. Loving what you already have

    6. Try this when... you're feeling deprived

    7. Try this when... you're feeling bad about spending

    8. Try this when... you're faced with making a decision

    9. Try this when... you're feeling anxious/worried

    10. Building boundaries (and detaching from drama)

    11. Tracking the goodness

    12. Moving forward

    1. What's your why?

    2. Journal prompt

    3. Try this when... you're feeling directionless/hazy/fuzzy/unmoored

    4. What's stopping you?

    5. FInding evidence to fuel your fire

    6. Sort your thoughts

    7. Making it real

    8. Try this when... your brain throws shade and won't shut up

    9. Try this when... you're feeling disheartened about your progress

    10. Try this when... you get bogged down by the double-bind of guilt

    11. Try this when... you feel fearful about the road ahead

    12. Try this when... you want to open up and let in more financial abundance

    13. Celebrating every step

    14. A pep talk, with love: Why you need to aim bigger!

    15. Moving forward

    1. How are you feeling?

    2. How are you taking action?

    3. Making money moves

    4. Before you go...

About this course

  • $111.00
  • 43 lessons

Let's do this

Make peace with + get more out of your money. Sounds good, right?

Bonuses? Yeah, we got a couple

Thought you might ask!

  • Big Wins workbook


    My Big Money Wins workbook with practical tips to boost your bottom line (right from the comfort of your own home)

  • Training: 3 things to stop doing right now that are making you feel sh!tty with money

    $20 value

    We’ve all been taught to manage money the traditional way (aka with rigid control/an iron fist). These are great when you’re starting out. But not forever. At this stage, these habits are probably making you feel worse, not better, about your finances. Instead of making yourself wrong/bad - learn 3 surprising habits to adopt instead. These are practical techniques and shifts you can implement right away and make a part of your routine.

Esther Mei

Hey, I’m Esther and one of the things I most give a sh!t about is helping you make progress + peace with money.

I'm basically allergic to numbers and can't find my way around a spreadsheet.

Yet I've:

  • had multiple income streams ever since I was a teen, which have earned me over $50k in side hustles 
  • doubled my income (without selling my soul) travelled around the world for 6 months without racking up debt 
  • lived frugally + bought a house in one of the most expensive cities on earth 

I’ve had my fair share of money regrets. Struggled with making, spending and sharing it in ways that made me happy. Never thought I'd crack six figures or get to make choices based on what I want, and not just cost. But I eventually found my money groove - and I want the same for you.

These are the inner practices and practical techniques I’ve used to makeover my financial life: replace financial stress, resentment and guilt with awareness, grace, and gratitude; stop lending money that I never got back; grow my income 2-3x without selling my soul, even adding five figures to my bottom line last year with surprising ease.

Your burning questions, answered

How does it work?

Money Groove is a self-paced course with a mix of video/audio/written content. You get lifetime access, including any future updates.

Once you enrol, you'll get a welcome email with more info and your bonus workbook. As soon as you sign up, you'll have access to the material.

What's the refund policy?

All purchases are final - soak up the curriculum overview and make your call from there! Come into it fully committed and I'm confident you'll come away with multiple breakthroughs.

Is this you?

This program is for you if: 

  • You’re in the black, have some level of stability - yet feel like money shouldn’t feel this hard (trust that instinct … no, it probably doesn’t have to!) 
  • You’re ready to stop obsessing/hating/struggling with money 
  • You’re ready to make peace with money, learn to love your money, and make it work better for you 
  • You’re open to trying out new ways of thinking/being/doing 
  • You know you’re capable of and deserve more! 

It's definitely NOT for you if: 

  • You want someone to tell you exactly what to do with your $ (#notafinancialadvisor) 
  • You’re in dire straits, struggling to make ends meet right now 
  • You’re looking for an overnight fix (yes things can shift fast, especially when you commit - but often, big changes take time, and if this work is new to you, it takes practice to embed it) 
  • You think money is purely about the numbers 
  • You’re not particularly self-aware or up for self-reflection

If you’re ready to start living your best financial life? Step right this way.

A new chapter starts here. Ready to jump in?

Hell yes, duh.